Yamaha Marine Service Mozambique

W31 Series All Purpose



W31 Series: Centre Cabin. Cuddy. Full Cabin. Hard Top. Top Deck. Workboat. Transporter. Rescue. HT31 Fishing Workboat.

This is an incredibly versatile craft that can be used for everything from sport fishing to carrying cargo.

The hull is incredibly fuel efficient, fast and stable.

The boats are powered by outboard motors.

Many of these boats have been built and are serving as passenger transporters, sport fisher and dive boats for the tourism industry and commercial work boats for cargo and fishing.

The boats are built with uncompromising quality, guaranteed 100% glass fibre construction with solid glass fibre transoms and decks.

The hulls are fitted with glass fibre stringers and foam filled for flotation and additional strength. In the wet deck version no bilge pumps are needed as the hulls are sealed and have sufficient flotation should there be a problem and a leak occurs.










Length 9.44m. Beam 2.34m. Depth 0.99m. Draft 0.30m


The standard commercial version with no deck is normally powered by a single tiller arm 85 hp motor.

The other versions have a variety of motor options, with a standard twin installation using 85 hp motors a max speed of 32 knots is attained and a cruising speed of 22/24 knots the norm.

A twin installation using four stroke 100 hp motors give a similar performance with a fuel saving of up to 50%.

Deck layout

The layout can be altered to suit the client’s needs.