FW16 Canoe



This canoe has been designed to bridge the gap between Indian canoe and a bulky craft for working in rough or restricted conditions.



Length 5050 mm. Width 1050 mm. Gunnel height 580 mm.

Standard features

Positive flotation in the gunnels with additional flotation in the stringers fixed to the floor. These stringers give the boat rigidity and flotation.

This is a rear seat fitted that serves as storage for fuel and provides a seat for the skipper.

This compartment is isolated to ensure that fuel does not leak in to the boat.

Front mooring eye.

Two mooring eyes aft.

Transom mooring cleats.

Fuel hatch drain and bung.

Hull drain and bung.

Optional Extras

Stainless steel keel strip.

Anchor hatch with lid.

Two bench seats.

Heavy duty rubber fender.

Wet deck floor.

Drain scupper.

Boat registration.

Heavy duty road trailer complete: Rubbax suspension. Guide poles. Registration.


Maximum power: 15hp long shaft.

Maximum power electric �� up to maximum power available.