Drifta 440

Ultra Versatile, Ultra Strong, Ultra Light.
The perfect aluminium rowing boat ideal for African conditions.

The DRIFTA 440 has been designed for fishing, transport & leisure on African Waters.
Fishing & Leisure. River Crossing. Aid & Support. Cargo Transport.

Rowing Boat Drifta 440

Rowing Boat Drifta 440-2

Key Features
Ultra Versatile
Can be used for fishing or transport workboat.
Ultra Light
Easy to transport and operate.
Ultra Strong
Built to last in 3mm Marine Grade Aluminium.
Low Maintenance
Needs little maintenance.
Extremely well priced.
Can safely carry up to 1000kg.
Easy to operate
Adjustable seats, and low center of gravity makes
rowing and steering easy.

Vessel Specifications
Length 4.4 m
Beam 1.7 m
Buoyancy Foam SPX
Inclusions 2 x 3m Oars 2 x Rowlocks 2 x Wooden Seats
Gunnels 0.55 m
Weight 124 kg
Material 3mm 5083 Marine Grade Aluminium
Buoyancy 115%