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Motul Chain Lube Factory Line
A highly sticky lubricant for motorcycle chains, CHAIN LUBE FACTORY LINE (CHAIN LUBE PLUS) does not harm O-ring seals. Its extreme clinging properties prevent fly-off at extreme high speeds. Recommended for high performance motorcycles and racing karts. Shake before use and apply evenly onto all parts of the chain.
Feature Spray-based, water and rust resistant. Increases chain durability.
SAE/DOT Standard −
Specification −
Maker's Approval −
Compatibility All types of chains (standard & with O-rings)


Motul MotoCool Factory Line
Anti-corrosion and anti freeze, Protection -35°C Nitrite free / Amine free / Phosphate free
MOTUL MOTOCOOL FACTORY LINE is a ready to use cooling liquid, antifreeze and anti-corrosion for bikes cooling systems. Based on monoethyleneglycol, MOTOCOOL FACTORY LINE contains reinforced hybrid anti-corrosion additives suitable for light aluminium alloys used for bike engine design.
Protects the cooling system from freezing ( -35°C) and metallic parts from corrosion. Provides an excellent thermal exchange and then engine cooling efficiency. Avoid engine overheating with its high boiling point : 136°C/277°F (+1.5 bar ). Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation properties that remain while ageing. Seals, durits and plastic parts friendly.
Ready to use, do not add any water


Motul PowerJet 2T
Semi-Synthetic lubricant for 2-Stroke watercraft engines with premix or injector systems, operating at high rpm. A special additive package avoids spark plug fouling, carbon deposit. Mixes instantaneously with gasoline and remains stable. Blue colour.
Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Quality: Technosynthese
Product Range: Leisure, Marine

motul_4100 power_15w50

Motul 4100 Power 15W50
Synthetic blend (Technosynthese®) lubricant specially designed for high performance cars powered by large displacement engines, turbo Diesel, direct injection or Gasoline engines with injection and catalytic converter. Suitable for all types of Gasoline or Diesel engines using leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or LPG. High viscosity at high temperature (SAE 50) for engines prone to higher oil consumption, due to high mileage.
Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Quality: Technosynthese
Product Range: Car
Viscosity: 15w50


Motul 710 2T
100% synthetic 2-Stroke lubricant with Ester technology. Provides optimal power & protection for the latest generation of 2-Stroke engines fitted with direct injection systems or carburetors. Anti-smoke formula.
Suitable for;
All types of Gasoline.
Oil injector systems or premix.
Catalytic converters.
Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Quality: 100% Synthetic
Product Range: Motorcycle
API Standards: API TC
JASO Standards: JASO FD 033MOT064


Motul 7100 4T 20W50
100% Synthetic with ester 4-Stroke engine oil. Formulated to meet the newest in motorycle manufactuerer specifications in terms of JASO and API. Designed with the perfect synergy for less oil comsuption, reduced engine internal friction and extreme pressure performace, for more power.
-JASO MA2 ensure optimum clutch performace at start-up, acceleration and full speed.
-API SN provide improved high temperature deposit protection for more stringent sludge control.
Application: Engine lubricants
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Quality: 100% Synthetic
Product Range: Motorcycle
Viscosity: 20w50


Motul Tech Grease 300
Non-Fiber synthetic blend.
Top of line grease. Perfect for wheel bearings, steering head, swingarm and pivots. Water-resistant, withstands extreme pressure and high tempatures.
Lithium based, non-fiber formula.


Motul Valve Expert
All old engines fitted with soft exhaust valve seats which require lead in the gasoline to lubricate and protect from recession : cars, bikes, boats, gardening engines. Must not be used with engines fitted with catalytic converters.
The phosphorus formulation provides outstanding valve seats lubrication and protects from recession. Better performance than potassium based products and gasoline
Press on the bottle to fill the upper container and pour the right dosage in the gas tank before refilling with unleaded gasoline.
Unleaded Gasoline Valve Expert
10L 10mL
20L 20mL
50L 50mL
250L 250mL (1 bottle)

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